Raise your hand if your OTP has literally made you cry, like real tears, not like you just said it on Tumblr, but actually cried tears of real unexplainable to your family tears.

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Falling Skies cast interviews from WonderCon

WonderCon press room interview with Doug

WonderCon press room interview with Sarah

WonderCon press room interview with Moon and Seychelle

Man Down!!

Man Down!!

Another vid of Moon from WonderCon

Another vid of Seychelle from WonderCon

She’s cute! BUUUUUT…when she has a hard time explaining what is going on with Lourdes it makes me think there’s a secret! EEK! :)

Another vid of Sarah from WonderCon

This vid has me absolutely convinced that a certain someone is controlling the situation and it isn’t completely voluntary

Anonymous asked: But you're the only one who really posts updates!!

After sleeping on it I’ve decided to keep posting updates and BTS for FS. I’m also going to keep my Sugar Mountain and Drew updates. I’m just going to take more breaks from here. I love this show, I love this fandom and I love the friends I’ve made through it. I’ve said my peace and I’m moving forward. 

Love you all!!

Taking a break for a while. Over and out until…

fightersofthe2ndmass asked: halgie fans are like "nobody would choose ben over hal!" and we're like "are you sure about that???"


clearly maggie has seen the light and realised how wrong she was getting with hal because he sucks and he’s boring. i don’t blame her for upgrading to his hot brother with super skitter powers, i’d do the same.

even lourdes doesn’t care about hal anymore because she’s found lexi!! hal missed his chance now no one wants anything to do with him

You f*cking tag Halgie in this shit!!!!

You all cried and cried and cried when we voiced our opinions about Hades at the end of S3. Called all Halgie fans assholes!!! Then you do this shit!! Well done!! Proving once and for all who the assholes are!!!!!

The entire Hiatus I have bit my tongue while you called for the death of Halgie so your precious Lourdes could be with a character none of you can stand and now your saying this shit!!!!! LMAO!!! Pathetic!!!!


New Message! unter We Heart It.


New Message! unter We Heart It.

Falling Skies WonderCon 2014 Panel

joyscott13 asked: Also, the only Maggie/Ben thing I can accept right now is them bonding, and maybe Ben being infatuated with her but NOT ACTING ON IT, then in that clip his spikes were glowing and the only way she can break him free from the Espheni's control is by kissing him to snap him out of it and back to reality?? Or they have to pretend for some reason? Or they're being somehow forced to act differently to how they normally would act (Have they hinted at this with the season in general?) I NEED TO KNOW.

They have sorted hinted at it by saying that the Chinatown/Shangri La place is a haven where you can’t tell reality from fantasy. I was pretty okay with it because I know that there has to be more to it, Maggie isn’t just going to fall for Ben. Plus, if that was the big reveal they wouldn’t have told us. Their reason for telling us was to get this reaction out of us. It’s just going to be AWFUL to watch for many reasons; the first of which is EWWWW!!!!!!

I figured I could stomach it if I had some decent Hal development and story line but this trailer kind of crushed those hopes. I know it’s just a trailer and they aren’t really indicative of what is going to happen but a trailer should make me excited not make me want to run in the other direction.

Happy that others are getting and seeing what they want and are getting excited for the new season. It just hasn’t done that for me.

Maybe it will be like one of those weekend house parties that you KNOW are going to be horrible, then you get there and have the time of your life. But, for now, I’m not holding my breath.